UID is the new home of the Alexander Butcher Block experience


Alexander Butcher Block has been known as a leading force in the Upstate New York woodworking industry. Customers are led through what’s best described as a luxury buying experience. With craftsmen who invest time, dedication, and detail into every project.

The goal is to produce wood creations with a quality that will last forever. As a division of Urban Industrial Design, the same quality and customer satisfaction will be applied. 

The exclusive home of the TimberGlass™ Wood Finish. Propriety of the Alexander Butcher Block experience. 


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Our Process

Templating and Installation

We take tremendous pride in the final fit of your countertop. We create a hard template after your cabinets are installed, paying attention to any scribes needed (wavy walls), mitered corners, and overhangs. Whether you have an undermount or overmount (drop-in) sink- we will ensure a proper fit. If we can get the template out of your space in one piece, we can bring the finished product back in one piece! Circumstances like stairwells, lengths over 15ft, or challenging locations will require your top to be in multiple sections. If this condition exists, the seams will be smooth and unnoticeable. Once the countertop is fabricated and exactly matching the template, we will return to install your tops. In most cases we mechanically fasten the tops to the cabinets in key locations. If this is not an option, we bond the tops with specialty glues allowing for expansion and retraction. While most overhangs do not need support, we recommend it for any overhangs larger than 10 inches. In the case support is needed, we will provide and install them- most of the time they are totally hidden!

Building Your Top

Our fabrication process is a critical function. We use the finest quality components, glues, and properly dried hardwood from local sources. The lumber used in your top contains the proper moisture content, to prevent warping and checking. Our shop is temperature and humidity controlled to ensure consistency all the way through the fabrication and installation process.

Our Finish

TimberGlass™ Wood Finish is our proprietary finish and only available at UID.

TimberGlass™ was specifically designed to be 100% waterproof, bleach and chemical resistant, extremely durable and crystal clear. TimberGlass™ Wood Finish is perfect for those wet areas around sinks, bars, vanity tops, kitchens, bathrooms and tabletops.

TimberGlass™ Wood Finish does not need to be polished, or re-applied. In fact, it is a totally maintenance free product. To clean any surfaces protected by TimberGlass™, simply wipe down with a wet paper towel or dish soap, that’s it!