Spalted Maple Custom Dining Table with Blue Resin River

Spalted Maple Custom Dining Table with Blue Resin River

From the initial concept to the final creation, let's explore the story behind this remarkable piece of functional art. Our client envisioned a furniture piece that would be the centerpiece of thei...
Custom conference table in black walnut with live edge detailing

Enhance Workplace Collaboration with a Bespoke Conference Table

Custom-made conference tables can have a significant impact on the workplace environment and overall productivity. Here are a few ways in which custom-made conference tables can affect the workpla...
Spalted Maple table with blue resin river design

Beyond the Trend: Epoxy Tables

Epoxy tables have gained immense popularity in recent years, becoming a sought-after choice for homeowners and designers alike. While it's true that epoxy tables have a trendy aesthetic, there are ...
Live edge Black Walnut round kitchen table

Exploring the Latest Table Design Trends for Modern Spaces

As the centerpiece of any dining room or kitchen, tables play a crucial role in setting the style and ambiance of a space. In recent years, table design has seen exciting innovations, blending func...
IDry kiln for milled wood slabs
All About

All About: Kiln-Drying

Kiln-drying is a process of drying wood that involves using a kiln or oven to control the temperature and humidity of the drying environment. Kiln-drying is a popular method of drying wood because...
Black walnut dining room table with epoxy resin river design. Midnight blue epoxy by Eye Candy Pigments.
How To

How To: Choose A Table Size

Choosing the right size for a kitchen or dining room table depends on a variety of factors, including the size of the room, the number of people you want to seat, and how you plan to use the table...
Milling a large black walnut tree. Forklift holding up truck of walnut tree.
Behind The Scenes

All About: Milling

At Urban Industrial Design we mill all of our slabs in-house. We ensure our hardwoods are the highest quality, for the best project results. The milling process is the process of transforming raw ...
Stack of black walnut slabs in a lumber yard.
Black Walnut

All About: Black Walnut

Black walnut trees (Juglans nigra) are native to the eastern and central regions of North America, including the northeastern United States. The region's climate, soil conditions, and topogr...