Pure Tung Oil

Pure Tung Oil

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Pure Tung Oil

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Walrus Oil Pure Tung Oil is a waterproofing oil finish we offer for both indoor and outdoor projects. It's a versatile, natural wood finish solution for nearly any woodworking project, from finishing and restoring furniture, unfinished hardwood floors, and outdoor furniture. As Tung Oil is a drying oil, it will penetrate the wood surface and form a polymerized bond, enhancing and preserving the natural wood color and grain features. Tung oil also offers natural protection against UV exposure, moisture, and everyday wear and tear. Like every Walrus Oil product, our Tung Oil is considered safe for food-contact surfaces by the FDA, so it can be safely used as a finish or maintenance product for kitchen counters and cutting boards if desired. Our Tung Oil is completely free of dyes and added dryers, it's VOC-free, and cures to a timelessly beautiful matte finish. Each 32oz container provides coverage for 100 - 150 square feet.

Tung Oil

Project Ideas: Hardwood Floors, Cabinets, Furniture Projects, Adirondack Chairs, Outdoor Wood Tables, and more.

How to Restore and Refinish Antiques with Tung Oil
While Tung Oil was not a dominant choice for furniture finishing in the early 1900s, today is has gained popularity as the perfect finish for restoring antiques. To revive and restore antiques using Pure Tung Oil, begin by cleaning the furniture to remove dust and dirt. If the wood surface is uneven or marred, consider sanding it with fine-grit sandpaper until the wood is clear and raw. If the surface has an old stubborn finish on it, such as shellac, stripping it with a solvent may be necessary.

When the furniture piece is ready for oiling, apply a thin and even coat of Pure Tung Oil to the wood surface, ensuring that it penetrates the wood grain. Allow the oil to sit for approximately 12 - 24 hours, then wipe away any excess oil. Apply additional coats, repeating the same process if needed. After achieving the desired finish, buff the wood surface with a nonwoven polishing pad. Since our Pure Tung Oil has no dryers, it will continue to cure over several weeks, so avoid excessive moisture and heavy use during this time. This process will not only revive the antique's natural beauty but also provide lasting protection to the wood, preserving its original character and charm.

Tung Oil for Outdoor Projects

For optimal outdoor performance and minimal maintenance, we recommend applying this product to outdoor furniture situated under covered porches. Apply it to clean, untreated wood surfaces, and reapply as needed. To ensure the longevity of your outdoor furniture, given its exposure to regular direct sunlight and moisture, we recommend an initial application of at least two coats of Tung Oil, followed by subsequent reapplication as needed.

Tung Oil vs Polyurethane
Tung oil stands out as a superior choice over polyurethane due to its ability to enhance the beauty of wood with a more authentic, warm, and natural matte finish. Polyurethane on the other hand tends to look glossy or plastic-like, which can mask the natural beauty of wood. When a wood surface finished with poly gets scratched or damaged, repairs can be challenging, often requiring the entire surface to be sanded down and refinished. Tung oil is considered extremely easy to touch-up, sometimes as simple as wiping on a fresh coat of oil on a small area without needing to refinish everything. In terms of product application, polyurethane can release potentially harmful fumes, requiring strict ventilation and safety measures. Conversely, our Tung Oil is VOC-free and void of harmful additives, making it a completely safe choice for indoor application.

Tung Oil is the Oldest Wood Finish on Earth
The oldest known natural wood finish on Earth is likely tung oil (aka China Wood Oil). Derived from the seeds of the tung tree, tung oil can be traced back over 2,500 years to ancient Chinese civilizations who used it for various purposes, including as a wood finish and waterproofing agent. It was first introduced to the United States in the late 19th century as a component for making industrial varnishes and remains a popular natural wood finish choice for its ability to bring out the natural beauty of wood while offering protection against moisture, UV rays, and wear  all without the need of toxic chemicals and synthetics.

Product Care
Store at room temperature or in a cool and dry place. Keep bottle sealed when not in use.